Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Improving Your Smile with Ultradent Opalescence® Take-Home Whitening Trays

When looking to brighten your smile, professional take-home teeth whitening systems are a simple, non-invasive method for providing beautiful results. Drs. Bolla and Cotter provide patients with whiter smiles with the Ultradent Opalescence® teeth whitening system.

Convenient Teeth Whitening

Opalescence® teeth whitening provides patients with a way to whiten their teeth without having to readjust their schedules for repeat trips to a dental office. After impressions of the patient’s teeth are taken, customized trays are made for at-home whitening care. Patients are then supplied with a special whitening gel to use at their own convenience.

Customized for Your Whitening Goals

In addition to the customized trays, the concentration of the whitening gel is based on the patient’s whitening goals. How long the Opalescence® trays are worn and which version of the whitening gel received is based on desired results; the higher the concentration and the longer the trays are worn, the greater the whitening effect. 

Comfortable Teeth Bleaching
To provide for a comfortable whitening experience, the Opalesence® whitening gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce tooth sensitivity. To encourage long-lasting results, the gel is specially formulated to prevent dehydration of tooth enamel, as well as shade relapse.

Preserving Your Beautiful New Smile

To ensure best results with Opalescence® teeth whitening, patients should avoid stain-causing beverages such as wine, coffee, soda and tea and foods like berries and soy sauce. Additionally, smoking can diminish the full effects of treatment.

When combined with a responsible oral hygiene regimen, the effects of Opalescence® are long-lasting. For quick touch ups, Drs. Bolla and Cotter also offer Opalescence® Go to use as needed.
If you are looking for a simple way to change your smile, contact our Port Huron office to learn more about at-home teeth whitening.


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